Our Mission

We bring together curious, mindful, mission-driven leaders in community mental health, to have genuine conversations about our work, foster data literacy, cultivate best practices, and become a force for transformation, so that we can spark interest in answering tough questions, kindle a culture of change, and maximize the good we bring to our communities.


Mission Driven Data is proud to host a free, no-cost online community for people at the intersection of data and mental health.

What’s in the Community?

  • Training resources for SQL and Power BI, specifically geared toward Credible EHR users.

  • Workshops covering best practices in data tools for behavioral health

  • Guest Speakers sessions with industry thought leaders

  • Co-Working Sessions with colleagues and experts.

  • Other people with a passion!

“What would mental health services look like if we truly believed that there is no health without mental health?”

“What would services for substance use disorders be like if we truly believed in the power of treatment on demand?”

“What would be different if we truly believed that protecting children from trauma was as important as using a seatbelt, putting on sunscreen, and wearing a helmet?”

This community is for you if these questions feel familiar, or even if they just feel interesting.